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About: Olivier Saint-Vincent

Olivier Saint Vincent
  • Role : Co-founder
    Academic Director
  • Experience : Olivier Saint-Vincent is a French author - mainly of school books - as well as a certified professor of Classics and Philosophy, with more than fifteen years of teaching experience in French and international settings in the United States. For him, teaching is more than a passion, it is his life; a life where he never ceases to share and transmit the genius of the French language and the beauty of its literature.

    Although OFALycée represents the convergence and culmination of all his past experiences, it is not his first company. In the last 18 years, he also founded a Close-Combat Federation (for which he received the Bronze Medal of Sport in 2014), the People's University of Boston with the participation of philosopher Michel Onfray, and a digital publishing house in 2012, which is still active.

    In the areas of Literature and Philosophy, Olivier Saint-Vincent has always been savvy when it comes to technology and digital education. He defines it as "a dream come true at last, in which neither time nor space obstruct the transmission of knowledge. And where everything remains to be invented."