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With our unique concept of complementarity, OFALycée merges two school systems in a complete bilingual and bicultural course from Year 2 to Year 11. What is learned in English in the British school system is used to meet the requirements of French programmes.

During the day, pupils are educated at a local British institution. Then, back home, they take complementary OFALycée courses online in small groups of pupils, centralised on our digital teaching platform. In maths, science and language, OFALycée adapts teaching to the knowledge and skills acquired in English to facilitate, and even accelerate, the acquisition of knowledge and skills required by the French “Education Nationale.”

Our pupils have the opportunity to follow a dual education, and with the opening of 6th form classes in 2024, will be able to continue right up to the Baccalaureate, opening doors to higher education in Europe, North America and around the world.

Complementary systems