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Who is OFALycée for?

OFALycée is intended for all French-speaking families who wish to give their children schooled in the American system a French education following the French programs from 6th to 12th grade.

What is the concept of OFALycée?

To capitalize on the knowledge and skills acquired in the American system and to build on it further in order to meet the requirements of the French programs.

What are OFALycée's objectives?

Develop and promote an innovative bilingual educational concept that integrates and adapts to new modes of online learning and teaching.

Give a greater number of French speakers access to the French school system, right up to the Baccalaureate.

Significantly increase the number of candidates sitting the Baccalaureate exam in the United States, where these figures are very low: around 400 pupils currently take the exam, 35 of whom are individual candidates (i.e. not enrolled in an accredited French institution).

What accreditation does OFALycée have?

OFALycée is currently taking steps towards gaining accreditation, a process very familiar to the school’s management team having already completed it for previous establishments.

Why did you create an Advisory Council?

Any school, like any business, benefits from external insight in order to make the right decisions. Our advisory board brings together professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise, from both the business world and higher education, providing valuable support and perspective to facilitate OFALycée’s growth.

What are the advantages of OFALycée?

  • Complementary, time-saving model preparing pupils for two parallel diplomas: the American High School Diploma and the French Baccalaureate
  • Continuation of free American school immersion
  • Individual support with weekly teacher follow-up sessions with pupils
  • An integrated program of personal development of socio-emotional skills
  • Bilingualism and biculturalism guaranteed to the highest level
  • Wider choice of post-Bac orientation with greater access to universities in Europe
  • Three to seven times cheaper than French high schools in the United States
  • Improved mastery of concepts, reinforced in two languages ​​using different pedagogical approaches
  • Development of critical thinking, adaptability, communication skills
  • Development a new network of families throughout the United States

Do you follow the French National Education programs?

Yes, OFALycée teaches according to the French programs. All the courses we offer are taught with the aim of validating the knowledge acquired by cycle and by class.

Who are the teachers?

All OFALycée teachers have expertise and experience in both the American system and the French system. As certified teachers, our educators all have experience teaching at middle and high school level. With experience as Baccalaureate examiners and markers, they possess a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills required to help their pupils reach their full potential.

What is the registration process for OFALycée?

Families interested in OFALycée are invited to make an appointment to get to know us better. Click here to schedule a call with our team.

  1. Once you decide to apply for one of our programs, the registration process can be started online here.
  2. The registration fee is $100 for a single course and $175 for the full program (booking fees, evaluations in Math and French and recommendations are all included in the registration fee.)
  3. As part of the admissions process, we ask all pupils from 6th grade to 11th grade to take Math and French assessment test. These assessments enable us to build a personalized program for each pupil and prepare him/her for successful integration into our school.
  4. Once your application has been processed, you will receive the assessment tests for pupils to complete at home and a “family interview” will be conducted.
  5. Finally, once the assessments and interview have been completed, you will be sent an agreement. Admission is finalized once the non-refundable payment of $500 (for a single course) or $900 (for the full program) has been received.

Is it possible for a French pupil who completed primary school in the US to enter 6th grade at OFALycée?

Yes, as long as s/he speaks French and has taken courses in French. The French assessment test determines the path the pupil will follow in order to succeed.

Does my child have to be perfectly bilingual to join OFALycée?

Definitions of bilingualism are diverse. In order for pupils to benefit from OFALycée’s integrated bilingual program, we ask that they have the verbal and written language skills to express themselves to the level required to pass each class at the appropriate grade level. The assessment tests conducted during our admissions process are designed to determine whether our program is a good fit for each prospective pupil.

If my child does not have the level of French required to enter the full OFALycée program, what options do you have available?

We offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Modules to follow online (starting January 2021)
  • A pupil may sometimes be able to join a group from a lower grade level, or take private lessons in parallel in order to catch up
  • A single course

Our admissions team will work together with each family to determine the best route for each individual pupil.

Will my child be ready to enter 11th grade with the whole range of subjects when s/he has only studied Math and French from 6th to 10th grade?

Our experience shows that mastery of the French language is the condition for success. Pupils are able to take the knowledge and skills they have acquired in all subjects of the American system and transfer them to the French system.

What do the tuition fees include?

Tuition fees include:

  • Online courses as described by class
  • Weekly office hours in groups of a maximum of six pupils
  • Socio-emotional skills development program
  • Access to teachers for questions or problems
  • Monthly and quarterly report cards
  • Access to an online learning portal that also allows parents to follow the progress of their children in real time
  • Access to all sessions organized by OFALycée: round tables, discussions, presentations on a wide range of subjects such as orientation, cybersecurity, the American school system, soft skills in education, personal project development, how to develop self-esteem, and more!

Which payment methods do you accept?

Tuition fees are payable via our online TADS system either by credit card or by bank transfer. These fees can be paid in one go, or in three or ten installments.

When should I complete an application?

Applications open in November for the start of the following school year in September. We encourage early registration to guarantee places.

However, we accept applications throughout the year provided we have space available. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information!

Do you have a financial assistance system?

We will be offering a program for financial assistance for the 2021-22 school year.

I have two children, am I entitled to a reduction in school fees?

Yes, from 2021 we will be offering discounted tuition for the third child and any other additional sibling enrolled.

What is the weekly workload for pupils?

  • For grades 6 to 10, our program requires around five hours of study per week
    • 1 hour of math (course and exercises)
    • 2 hours of French (course and exercises)
    • 2 office hours (2 x 30min in math and 2 x 30min in French)
  • In 11th and 12th grade, our program requires up to 10 hours of study per week.
    • Literature: 2 hours (+1 office hour)
    • Specialty #1 (Math): 1.5 hours (+1 office hour)
    • Specialty #2 (Physics-Chemistry): 1 hour (+1 office hour)
    • Specialty #3 (English): 1 to 2 hours per month (approximately 15 hours per year)
    • HG + Science + LVA (English) + LVB (Spanish) : 2 hours

Why are there office hours of 30 min?

Different study formats bring different benefits and OFALycée’s program has been designed to provide an optimal balance of independent and teacher-connected study time to enable our pupils to succeed. Experience shows us that providing 30-minute live sessions for small groups enables pupils to benefit from additional explanations, ask questions and interact with their teacher and peers. Office hours are highly effective periods when pupils are 100% invested.

How long is the school year?

The OFALycée program consists of 32 weeks of courses from mid-September to mid-June.

The “Brevet des Collèges” Examination

OFALycée offers preparatory courses for the “Brevet des Collèges” examination, which involves exams in French, Mathematics, History-Geography, Moral and Civic Education, SVT, SPC/Technology and English.

The Brevet des Collèges for individual candidates is graded out of a total of 400 points:

  • 100 points in French
  • 100 points in Mathematics
  • 100 points in English
  • 50 points History-Geo / Moral and civic education
  • 50 points Science / Technology

brevet des colleges

Are OFALycée pupils prepared for the French Baccalaureate?

Our pupils follow mandatory courses over two years, as they would in a French high school. However, the OFALycée program capitalizes on what pupils are already learning in parallel in the American system, complementing with just the additional material required for the French Baccalaureate. Subjects which are not taught in the American school system are taught in their entirety by OFALycée:

  • French literature
  • Philosophy
  • History-Geography
  • Economic and Social Sciences

Example of the balance of course material covered in US High School and OFALycée for a final year pupil:

distribution between US high school and OFALycee

How are French National Exams taken?

At the beginning of the school year, parents of 9th, 11th, and 12th graders receive all the information necessary for registration of their child for the national examinations of the brevet in 9th, 11th and 12th grades. Registration for these exams is the responsibility of the parents.

What is the difference between OFALycée and the CNED?

OFALycée provides a unique program that capitalizes on both the French education program and the US High School program, bringing pupils a bi-lingual, bi-cultural education with the opportunity to graduate high school with two diplomas (the French Baccalaureate and the US High School Diploma.)

OFALycée provides unique benefits including:

  1. A personalized educational path for each pupil designed by experts in conjunction with pupils and their families
  2. Weekly monitoring in small groups (maximum of six pupils per group) during synchronous, teacher-led consultation times.
  3. Pupils have access to the course week by week through an industry-leading online learning platform.
  4. Individual support from our teachers every step of the way, from intensive and thorough preparation for exams to individual feedback on all homework and assignments.

What is the socio-emotional development skills program?

The socio-emotional skills program is the integration of cognitive and affective domains in pupils in order to effectively acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and express empathy for others, develop and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.

We know that socio-emotional learning (SEL) gives pupils skills that have a direct positive impact not only on their academic life, but also on their success and well-being.

Is this socio-emotional skills program available to all pupils?

Yes. This program is taught in French, giving our pupils an additional opportunity to be exposed to the French language and culture.

The socio-emotional skills course is included in our tuition fees and is offered to all our pupils from 6th grade to 12th grade, with age-appropriate modules and resources for each grade level. This program adopts a personalized approach for each pupil including both one-on-one and small group sessions with one of our expert coaches.

Do you offer à la carte courses?

Any pupil who wishes to take a single course can do so from 6th to 12th grade, provided the pupil has sufficient French language skills for the course in question.

How are the services you offer different from those of another school?

We offer a full range of services in French and English to give all pupils the best chance of success. In addition to providing complementary education for American-schooled French speakers enabling them to take the French Baccalaureate in parallel to the US High School Diploma, OFALycée also offers preparatory courses for TOEFL, SAT, ACT, AP tests; career counseling for the United States, Canada and Europe; personal coaching and more… To our knowledge, there are no other schools able to provide these services and in two languages.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. They are offered in French and English at all levels and in all subjects.

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